How Do We Use Your Gifts?

Your gifts help relinquished pets find new homes and lost pets find comfort and safety at our shelters.

They help provide medical treatment, behavior training, and foster care to homeless pets so they can become the best possible candidates for adoption. Your gifts also help us prevent animal mistreatment and neglect, teach children about kindness to animals and responsible pet care, and provide mobile spay/neuter programs to help reduce pet overpopulation.

As responsible stewards of the donations provided by our community, we are committed to using those funds wisely. In the last fiscal year (2016), of every dollar donated, 80 cents went to animal care services, education, and outreach.

Your gifts help pets like Izzy, the 5-month-old puppy who arrived at our shelter mere skin and bones—so starved she was too weak to stand or even lift her head. Our veterinarians provided antibiotics, nourishment, and round-the-clock care; and then Izzy was sent to a foster home to regain her strength. After two months of compassionate care, Izzy was able lift her head, stand, and, finally, to walk. Her foster parents, who watched her transformation into a happy, healthy puppy, decided to make her a permanent part of their family.

Photo of Izzy before adoption. Photo of Izzy after adoption. Photo of Izzy with adopter.


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